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-A leader in tattoo safety
-Private studio setting​
-Tattooed in many provinces
-Thousands of people wear his art
-involved with local arts community

Specializing in Dark, Horror-themed, Black and Grey, and Custom Tattoos, James provides a unique Private experience, Health Board Certified, and in business for many years. In the Niagara area; if you're in Welland, St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Hamilton, or Toronto even, use the contact form below to inquire about your next Tattoo Today!

James Takeo is a tattoo artist with many years of Tattoo experience, spanning across all of Canada

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This is a standard submission form, please READ THIS before submitting:
Please submit through this form so that I can arrange a personal consultation, at no cost to you. This is where I can discuss your design and give you an accurate price quote.
We can arrange an appointment at that time, with a non refundable down-payment.
All Tattoos by appointment only, no walk-ins accepted.
Please only submit small images and NO screen shots (i.e.: from Pinterest). Also, minors will not be accepted; under 18 years of age.
All designs and sizes are subject to change, and positions are only suggested - generally with positions like hands, heads, genitalia, or places that won't generally hold the ink well or be most suitable for the work will be strongly advised to changed, or .may be turned down.
Thanks again for your submission, I'll respond to your email as soon as I can.

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